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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Blame Bush for EVERYTHING

Ah, more really funny stuff from the BLAMEBUSH website.  This one will have me chuckling all morning.

Farewell, Uncle Harvey
At 8:32 this morning, Pacific Standard Time, my Uncle Harvey was released from Seattle's Harborview Medical Center in good spirits. At 8:45, he was struck by a '95 Jeep Cherokee in the hospital parking lot. Less than a minute later, dear Uncle Harvey was granted Death With Dignity when the Jeep mercifully backed up and rolled over him again, ending his suffering and bringing his Life Journey to a peaceful conclusion.
My mother would like to thank all those who remembered Uncle Harvey in their non-denominational prayers and incantations yesterday. Everyone is invited to the memorial service, where the first twenty people will get free "Bush is Hitler" t-shirts, courtesy of MoveOn.org. Afterwards, we'll pack as many people as we can into the Impeachment Jeep and head back for Camp Larry.
Aside from its history, culture, government, leaders, military, language, religion, flag, and people, Mother and I love this country and long for the peace & prosperity it knew during the Clinton years, when the economy was booming, gas was three cents a gallon, and terrorists were merely average joes learning to fly commercial airplanes. We hope that in light of Uncle Harvey's untimely passing, Bush will finally awaken to the futility of this immoral war and bring our tots home.
Oh, and legalize marijuana.

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