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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Murder on the Public Trans

I pretty much love the Powerlineblog guys.  Two out of three reside in Minneapolis and apparently keep tabs on the local newspaper and the local authorites.  I’ve learned more about Minneapolis recently than I ever dreamed possible.  Some of the items are quite interesting such as  THIS

Down on the killing floor
This summer Minneapolis Mayor Rybak contributed memorably to the city's collection of fatuous quotes on the subject of crime when he assured citizens that "Minneapolis is a safe city for those not involved in high-risk lifestyles." Among the high-risk activities leading to criminal victimization this summer have been sleeping at home in bed and riding a city bus.

One of my favorite activities is riding my bike downtown and and then taking the local bus back towards my neighborhood.  Maybe the trip is about 15 miles.  
I’ll say this about the bus; its riders are not well represented by the intellectual and cultural elite of our community.  And, I’m not exactly gloriously attired when I’m riding the bus.  In fact, people attempt to not sit near me; the odor of sweating old white man can be a bit “stiff” if you know what I mean.  But that’s life on the bus.

You really should ride your local transportation and get a feel for it.  Interesting little community on the bus.  JB

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