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Saturday, May 14, 2005

From Powerlineblog.com

On the Iraqi insurgents/terrorists:

..... the killers in Iraq have no political goal. That is not the point.

The point is to kill. They have invented a whole new kind of murder... they are serial spree killers.

The distinction between a serial killer and a spree killer is that the first kills methodically over time, trying to evade capture so he can continue his murderous pastime; while the second has one violent incident in which he kills a bunch of people, then often kills himself or expects to be slain by the police. What we see today in Iraq is a combination of the two: terror bosses who methodically, over time, set up mass killing events, usually carried out by others who will die in the attempt, but sometimes remotely by themselves (sending a chained driver cruising the streets, then detonating the driver's car when he nears a target of opportunity).

But like serial and spree killers, like those who commit human sacrifice, the motivation is found not in the external world but in his own internal hell, in the voice that only he can hear, from his bloody, eldrich gods, who demand blood and souls, blood and souls in the name of Moloch, or Arioch, or Cthulhu, or Huitzilopochtli, who demand mass sacrifices in the Grand Pyramid (or the Great Mosque -- and it is significant that one of the favorite targets for the killers are mosques full of worshippers, as if they saw their red-dripping thunderclap as an explosive "amen" to the service).

JB here: Modern man in the western culture does not believe in Evil, certainly does not believe in a real Satan - roaming the earth bringing death and destruction. So modern man has difficulty understanding the point of the many suicide bombings killing adults, teens, children, grandparents, average working, worshiping Iraqis. It is all about killing people. And the people who orchestrate this take pleasure in the killing of people. It is what they are all about. It is what Satan is all about: death and destruction.

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