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Monday, May 02, 2005

Found in Hatemongers Quarterly May 2 2005

Hate Mongers discussing a "personal add."


If you know what that’s like, we’ve already got something in common. Smart, sexy, free-spirited critical thinker, 39, seeks long-term love. Please be leftist, into books, films, changing the world.

We know what you are thinking, dear reader: This chick sounds mighty classy. In fact, we found it surprising that such a critical thinker who aims to “change the world” would be herpes-stricken. Who would have thought that she would be a leftist?

Clearly, this advertisement says a great deal about the current state of American politics. We don’t want to make assumptions based on anecdotal evidence, but we think that this ad makes clear that every Democrat has herpes.

As far as we can tell, this lady’s sufficiently “free-spirited” to have a nasty sexually transmitted disease, but insufficiently “free-spirited” to enjoy the company of a conservative.

Hey: We all have our limits. Hers just happens to be right after herpes, and right before conservative."

JB here: As Hatemonger's makes the point, "free-spirited" can definitely come at a price. Secondly, in our culture "free-spirited" does seem to correlate many times with "promiscuous." But even an exceedingly careful perusual of the personal adds will never turn up the phrase suggesting that one is actually promiscuous, only "free-spirited."
Virginity, for the non-married, may actually be a very good thing.

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