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Friday, May 13, 2005

A column by Jonah Goldberg on National Review Online

May 13, 2005, 8:06 a.m.
Do Not Be Afraid
Law and Order doesn’t get Christians.

"All right, enough already. The Christians aren’t coming to get you.

I can take the somber, frightened 'special reports' on National Public Radio, where you can literally hear the correspondents wringing their hands over the possibility that the “Darwin fish” affixed to their Volvos will be banned. I can even handle the dog-whistle shrieks of Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd types about the looming Inquisition led by an alliance of the new German (wink, wink) pope and the Kansas Board of Education."

(Jonah discusses the TV show Law & Order and it's attempt gone awry to portray conservative Christians standing against justice being carried out.)
Regardless, the very idea that evangelical Christians would argue that being born again absolves you in this life for the consequences of your crimes is nonsense, plucked whole cloth in a fit of ignorance. But the complete, outrageous implausibility of the episode’s plot wasn’t the most infuriating part. Several times, various characters opine that the Christians’ legal tactics might work given “what’s happening in this country right now.” I half expected Pat Robertson to burst through McCoy’s office spraying holy water screaming, “Exorcist”-style, “The power of Christ compels you!”

The complexity of what conservative Christians really believe is lost on the writers of Law & Order — not surprising for a Hollywood show about New York that blends both coastal sensibilities perfectly.

I grew up in New York City, I know New York City, and I have this to tell my fellow New Yorkers: You are perfectly safe from the Christians hordes. None of the stuff supposedly “happening in America right now” is actually affecting Dowd or Krugman or the L&O writing teams. Pharmacies in New York and L.A. are still filling prescriptions for the “morning after” pill, schools are still teaching evolution, abortion clinics are humming along. And don’t e-mail me in a tizzy about gay marriage bans. Gay marriage didn’t exist under Bill Clinton either. - Jonah Goldberg

JB here: Jonah's best line; "The complexity of what conservative Christians really believe is lost on the writers of Law & Order." How True! ( or "Indeed" as Instapundit would say).
Unluckily, it's not just the writers of Law & Order who don't understand. It's almost everybody who does not comprehend staunch and radical faith in the God/Man - Jesus Christ. But Evangelicals have a most powerful advocate who takes care of His children. His children need not worry.

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