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Sunday, May 15, 2005

From "The Corner" in National Review Online

This is an exact translation of one paragraph of an elderly Shiite cleric's statement on his death bed:

"You know like I do what lies behind this religion (Islam), after all this crime carried out against Iranians. let's do one good thing and tell the people what is behind this religion. Let's tell everyone that this religion is neither "martyr generating", nor pro-science nor pro the people, this religion tells the elite that it is for the plebs and it tells the plebs that it is for the elite, it tells the elite that all its silly laws are for the stupid plebs, in fact this religion is [an]"ignorance generator". It has come about to humiliate people. As you (Rafsanjani) [Leaders of the Iranians] once told me, it is one religion for the elite and another for the plebs. You rightly regard yourself, the supreme leader and your Guardian Council as the elite, and the "martyr generating" nation of Iran are the plebs. Now for the sake of God tell the truth to the people that there is nothing in this religion but stupidity and ignorance, other than silly laws about what is considered clean and what is untouchable, what is allowed and what is not allowed, believe me that God and the people will then forgive you, although I know you are conscious enough NOT to believe in God!"

JB here: Islam is a false religion - it brings only despair, death and destruction to its adherents. It is a very useful tool for Satan - and he uses it to the utmost.

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