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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Found on AlbertMohler.Com

"Henri Blocher, Professor of Systematic Theology at the Faculty Libre de Theologie Evangelique in France, argues that the persistent question of evil finds resolution only in the cross of Christ. Blocher's cross-centered theodicy is well summarized in this remarkable paragraph: "Evil is conquered as evil because God turns it back upon itself. He makes the supreme crime, the murder of the only righteous person, the very operation that abolishes sin. The maneuver is utterly unprecedented. No more complete victory could be imagined. God responds in the indirect way that is perfectly suited to the ambiguity of evil. He entraps the deceiver in his own wiles. Evil, like a judoist, takes advantage of the power of good, which it perverts; the Lord, like a supreme champion, replies by using the very grip of the opponent. So is fulfilled the surprising verse; 'With the pure you show yourself pure; and with the crooked you show yourself perverse.'"
The verse cited is Psalm 18:26. Blocher's book, Evil and the Cross, has been recently republished by Kregel Academic & Professional.

JB here: One of my favorite maxims of wisdom:
There IS a God; I am not He!

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