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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ann Coulter takes no prisoners on this one!

By Ann Coulter Wed May 18, 8:05 PM ET

When ace reporter Michael Isikoff had the scoop of the decade, a thoroughly sourced story about the president of the United States having an affair with an intern and then pressuring her to lie about it under oath, Newsweek decided not to run the story. Matt Drudge scooped Newsweek, followed by The Washington Post.

When Isikoff had a detailed account of Kathleen Willey's nasty sexual encounter with the president in the Oval Office, backed up with eyewitness and documentary evidence, Newsweek decided not to run it. Again, Matt Drudge got the story.

When Isikoff was the first with detailed reporting on Paula Jones' accusations against a sitting president, Isikoff's then-employer The Washington Post -- which owns Newsweek -- decided not to run it. The American Spectator got the story, followed by the Los Angeles Times.

So apparently it's possible for Michael Isikoff to have a story that actually is true, but for his editors not to run it........ (Read the rest)

JB here: Bias is an interesting thing. It tends to blind you to truths. Truths, while often painful, are better than lies. Lies just make you crazy. No wonder the MSM (mainstream media) drives conservatives crazy.

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