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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Found on Yahoo.com

By SUE LEEMAN, Associated Press Writer Mon May 2, 6:34 PM ET

LONDON - Adolf Hitler was a shaking, graying, weakened man who "sank into himself" in the final days before his suicide on April 30, 1945, according to the first published account of his nurse, who worked in his bunker as Allied forces closed in on Berlin.

Erna Flegel, now 93 and living in a nursing home in northern Germany, told Britain's Guardian newspaper in an interview published Monday that Hitler "had a lot of gray hair and gave the impression of a man at least 15 to 20 years older," toward the end of his life.

"In the last few days, Hitler sank into himself," Flegel said. "He shook a great deal, walking was difficult for him, his right side was still very much weakened as a result of the attempt on his life (in July 1944)."

With defeat imminent, Hitler, 56, shot himself and his mistress Eva Braun — whom he married shortly before his death — committed suicide by taking cyanide in his underground bunker in Berlin.

Flegel dismissed Braun.

"She didn't have any importance. Nobody expected much of her," she said. "She wasn't really his wife."

By contrast, Flegel described Magda Goebbels, wife of Hitler's propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels, as "a brilliant woman, on a far higher level than most people."

The Goebbels also killed themselves and poisoned their six children in the bunker after Hitler's death.

Flegel said she tried to persuade Mrs. Goebbels not to take the lives of her children as Russian troops got closer.

But Goebbels replied: "I belong to my husband. And the children belong to me," Flegel recalled.

"You have to understand that we were living outside normal reality," Flegel said..............

JB here: As a personal matter I'm also currently 56, the same age as Hitler when he committed suicide. I don't feel like committing suicide; homicide - yes, but not suicide. Let's look at this objectively, Hitler didn't face the daily vehicle congestion that I do on the roads of Florida.
All kidding aside; one wonders how this basically incompetent little man ever came to rule and abuse a great country like Germany. Hitler wasn't physically distinguished, wasn't big, wasn't handsome and doesn't appear to have been a great "networker." But he assumed power and changed the world bringing about the deaths of many millions in the process.

Did Hitler serve God's purposes? Does the "sovereignty of God" account for Hitler?

One of my favorite pieces of wisdom: "There is a God, I am not He."
So I don't understand, but it is not required that I do. JB

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