"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Saturday, December 24, 2005

You will not read the obituary in People magazine. Time and Newsweek will overlook it to say nothing of the Washington Post or the Oregonian. But a really fine, sweet-heart of a lady died this week in a nursing home at the age of 78. I've known her for 35 years; I called her Mom for 34 years. She was my gentle mother-in-law, Donna Gaumitz. She was born and reared in no-wheres-ville Minnesota. She had her first four children, all girls, within 6 years. Her last two children, a girl and a boy, came many years later. Six kids; none of whom have an arrest record. They are not perfect but they all loved and respected their mother. She wasn't well educated formally, her view of the political world was limited and she didn't care to be wealthy. She thought life was all about serving God, serving her husband, her church and her children. Later on, her children served her in return. She was appreciative of that. She educated herself using the greatest book, the Holy Scriptures, as her text for understanding life. And she understood it well. She stood by her husband for almost 50 years; she was mostly content to let him be the head of the home; when he became ill she cared for him until her own strength gave out. She honored God, she honored her husband, her children honor her as do all her sons-in-law. A great lady has passed away; the world does not note her passing, the Creator of the Universe does and He has welcomed his daughter to her new, eternal home. Donna Gaumitz; rest in peace and joy. Your son-in-law, jb

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