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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Conservatives vs Episcopalians

I’ve been wondering, why would a staunch conservative attend an Episcopalian Church.  You would never confuse them with the Independent Baptist.   One of the Llamabutchers drops the dime.

Gratuitous Episcopal Fuming
This morning at church we were informed, among other things, that America's holding of prisoners at Gitmo is the same thing as the Roman Emperor Diocletian's rounding up and persecution of Christians back in St. Nicholas' time.
I'm about this close to just walking away.
Thought you'd like to know.
UPDATE: I was in a hurry earlier and only managed to get that one gripe out. Here were some other fun facts we learned:
-- That prostitution rings in Cambodia and the slave-trade in the Sudan are the direct result of American economic hegemony.
-- That George Bush, as the above parallel indicates, is engaged in building what he himself calls an "American Empire".
-- That 50% of all married women in this country are subject to some kind of spousal abuse. (I find this statistic preposterous unless "abuse" is defined so broadly as to include "occassionally getting snapped at".)
-- That the United States is in the grip of pandemic hyper-consumerism, which in turn is "inevitably linked" with unbridled militarism. (The rector didn't elaborate, but I gather he meant that we buy everybody's stuff and then we kill them.)
Even though our rector is a gen-u-ine Manhattan Lib, he's generally pretty good about keeping politics out of his sermons. But he sure let himself go this morning. This was followed by some aging hippy talking about the life and "meaning" of St. Nicholas during the adult forum afterwards.

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