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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

TAMMY BRUCE VS hollywood

TAMMY BRUCE suggests some reasons why the Hollywood Box Office is not prospering.   (read the WHOLE GUADALUPE)

1) A love story between two gay sheepherders (erroneously labeled 'cowboys' by the media, I suppose because they wear hats).*
2) A film portraying as noble the efforts of journalists to demonize and "take down" a US Senator whose anti-communist policies they did not like.*
3) A film about, as one movie-going reviewer noted, "...the horrors of big business and the way they are willing to experiment on the poor to achieve their goals..."*
4) The demonization of the average mid-western American man as someone who is no hero, but a cold-blooded killer at heart.*
5) And lastly, a Woody Allen film about infidelity. Well, he should know.*
So you can take your gay sheepherder, noble communist supporting reporters, big-business is evil, Americans are hopelessly and inherently corrupt and violent and unfaithful movies and go to Cannes where at least the Parisian set will love you. But that won't exactly pay the bills, will it?
[* 1) Brokeback Mountain, 2) Goodnight and Good Luck, 3) The Constant Gardener, 4) A History of Violence, 5) Match Point]

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