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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Struggling with God

A post I wrote regarding homosexuality, for what it’s worth.

as I tell clients ALL the time,  your problem is with God!

Does anybody choose to grow up in an abusive home?  Probably not; their problem is with God.

Do little kids choose to be molested by older kids or older relatives?  Probably not; their problem is with God.

Does one sign on to have a controlling, over-bearing mother and a weak passive father?  Probably not; then  their problem is with God.

Did you choose to feel different then other boys while growing up?  Were you un-athletic, were you a pretty child, were you a natural target for predators?  Did you choose those traits?  No; then your problem is with God.

For all of us there are those two lines.   Line one: we chose to take road A and the consequences of our action is painful.   Bad choices on our part lead to painful consequences.  We all understand that.

But on the other hand; things over which we had no control (such as the parents we were born to) have also led to pain.  Who’s to “blame” for that?

If God is completely sovereign, as I believe Him to be, then our problem is with Him.

“Male and Female” He created them.   Your problem is with Him.  Creator God designed the system.  If you feel like the system isn’t right; your problem is with Him.

Your problem isn’t really with Jared, it’s not with me, it’s really not with the Bible-thumping community.  Oh, we are no saints here but we’re not the big problem.

You and He, God the Father, need to talk it out.   He’s the only one who has a clue.

Your problem is with Him.                        

Most Respectfully     jb

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