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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Hollywood academy

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS critic Jack Mathews predicts the gay cowboy movie, which takes place in Wyoming, may be "too much for red-state audiences, but it gives the liberal-leaning Academy a great chance to stick its thumb in conservatives' eyes."

Playwright and lifelong Wyomingite tells the STAR-TRIBUNE of Casper this week that she has never encountered a gay cowboy, and doesn't think it's right for Hollywood to portray Wyoming as a state with gay cowboys.

Her message to the writers of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN: “Don't try and take what we had, which was wonderful -- the cowboys that settled the state and made it what it was -- don't ruin that image... There's nothing better than plain old cowboys and the plain old history without embellishing it to suit everyone."

(From Drudge:   HERE)

To find that the “liberal-leaning Academy”  sees this movie as a “great chance to stick its thumb in conservatives’ eyes” is no surprise.  After having read and participated in a comments debate about Brokeback that was on a Christian website; I will assure the 3 or 4 readers of this site that the gay and lesbian community will turn out in force; over and over and over in their attempts to legitimatize homosexual behavior.  On the other hand it is hard to imagine that a gay cowboy movie will stir the hearts and minds of people who like a good cowboy movie.  We’ll see.

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