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Monday, December 12, 2005

Gluttony? It's ME

A blogger, Joe Thorn, in response to the SBC’s disapproval of alcohol wrote his own “be it resolved” about a problem that affects millions of Christians; including me.    Read THEBIGTACOWITHGREENSAUCE

WHEREAS, One third of all American adults (well over 60 million) are obese; and
WHEREAS, 16% of American children (9 million) are overweight, and the percentage continues to increase (the numbers have tripled since 1980); and
WHEREAS, Obesity is now recognized as a major risk factor for coronary heart disease, which can lead to heart attack; and
WHEREAS, Gluttony is one of the causes of obesity; and
WHEREAS, The Bible condemns gluttony as a serious sin akin to drunkenness; and
WHEREAS, Gluttony is the abuse of God’s gift of food to us; and
WHEREAS, Gluttony is the opposite of self control, a fruit of the Spirit; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, That the messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina, June 13-14, 2006, decry the lack of self control, and over-indulgence in eating throughout our culture and our churches; and be it further
RESOLVED, That we promote moderation in all of our eating, giving thanks to God.

I come from a long line of tee-totalers.  I don’t have to resist the temptation to drink; I simply never think about drinking (alcoholic beverages).  BUT, gluttony?  Thou art named JB!
While my body wants to weigh a certain weight; it could be happier weighing less than it does.

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