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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Judging God

There are some fascinating comments on the worldmag blog website regarding Jared’s expression of the “yuck factor” about the upcoming movie, Brokeback Mountain starring Jake G (forgive me for not even attempting to spell his name) and Heath Ledger.

This response from a female was quite instructive.
As far as the Christian views.. well, I am myself a believer in God and Jesus Christ. It's hard to label myself as a Christian because I don't seem to follow most traditional paths of the church.
Thing is, to me it logically doesn't make sense for homosexuality to be a sin. When Jesus said the most important thing was to love God, love yourself, love your neighbours, that is the easiest part to take to heart. That is what I try very hard to live by.
The other sins make sense, when living by this. Murder is a sin because if you love God, you won't destroy His creations. Drinking can be sinful because many people under the influence of alcohol do things that are hurtful. I just can't see the connection with homosexuality though - being gay doesn't hurt yourself or God or your neighbours.
I do have to say though, Jared, as much as I disagree with your views, I appreciate that you do have a polite manner about expressing them. I also appreciate your point that if you really wanted gays to go to hell, you wouldn't say anything. I do think you're misguided, but there is a feeling of love-for-your-neighbours there.
Encapsulated in her sincere post is the whole of the discussion between Adam and Eve and the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  I can hear it now.
SERPENT:  Ya know, all of God’s rules I agree with but this one, not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, just doesn’t make sense.
ADAM & EVE: – (sotto voce)  Frankly, we’ve been talking amongst ourselves and we’re not really thrilled with it either.  I mean what’s the big deal.
SERPENT:  See, there’s no big deal.  Besides nobody will be the wiser.
ADAM & EVE: except us (laughing at the humor)
SERPENT:  Go ahead, take a bite.
ADAM:  Eve, why don’t you go first!
And there you have it.  We like the rules, laws and principles we like found in Scripture and we judge God to be wrong about the ones we don’t like.
How very human.

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