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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Working Harvard Mothers

Twas reading some of the response to an NYT article analyzed in the washingtonmonthly.com – a liberal/progressive website run by Kevin Drum.
The article found that something like 80% of the female students at the Ivy League schools intended to become mothers and cut back on working or stop working as they could.  Here’s one response by a progressive to the news that women at the Ivy League schools might choose motherhood as their first option.

I mean, seriously, what excuse is there for women to choose to go to, say, Harvard Law School if they fully intend to quit the law and become Mommies after only a few years of work? So that they can boast of their fine education the remainder of their lives? Why should society indulge their narcissism here? Why on earth should we admire them? Isn't it particularly shameless of them to waste the resources they have consumed when they can do so only because they marry well enough that they can afford to become full time Mommies? Need I note that working class women are not afforded the luxury of cutting out of work just because they feel it would be a nice thing to do?
Has there ever been a more spoiled species of human being than these self-indulgent members of the elite?

Whoa!  So this writer believes a woman should not avail herself of opportunities for an elite education if she intends to take the Mommy track.  Velly Interestante.

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