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Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Religious Left on John Roberts

SO, what does the religiously left-wing  blogosphere think about John Roberts as possible Chief Justice of the United States:

Roe v Wade is a diversion (none / 0)
The real agenda of Roberts and the right is to shore up the legal foundation for establishing an oppressive corporate feudal state, based on a morally inverted variant of Christianity.
Roe and other hot-button religious issues form a major part of the legal support structure, which involves forced religious indoctrination and the denial of science education.
The right is implementing a corporate takeover of the United States, seeking to rule over herds of unquestioning, religiously indoctrinated cattle.  That's their dream, and they're working hard to achieve it.
“…forced religious indoctrination and the denial of science education.”  My goodness, religious conservatives are an evil cabal.  

I’m really mad now;  nobody told me about the “forced” religious indoctrination.  Hm, obviously I’m not getting the Memos from Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell and the rest.  And I thought I was signed up! <grin>

If we don't shut him down (none / 1)
then stick a fork in our country, we're done.
There should be no negotiating with this failure of an admin.  They should get not one more thing for their agenda as they have now proven to have a craven indifference toward human life.
After Robert's they can keep Diebolding and Supreme courting their way into office over and over then they can censor and say it was the will of the majority.
Katrina happened.  We should not even be having hearings on anything else.

So let me get this straight.  If John Roberts ( who actually does seem moderate to me) gets elected, the country is done for.   And then of course the Republicans have a craven indifference for human life.

The irony of that last statement should be plain.  Progressives, liberals and the Democratic party have voted over and over again that the lives of the most Innocent and the most Vulnerable (babies and pre-born) are not to be protected.    MERCY!    “Craven indifference for human life indeed.”

From a liberal point of view we could only hope that he is lying to us all and intends to turn on his past associates and be a fair judge. I can only suspect he is a well groomed plant who has been earmarked for this job for decades.    

Sigh – Ya know, I just don’t know what to say.

And I, think really, the only thing worse than a racist, sexist, plutocratic man is a racist, sexist, plutocratic man who doesn't realize what he really is...

Racist, Sexist Plutocrat; it doesn’t get any worse than that.  I’m surprised they haven’t hung him from the nearest yardarm.

I think that the only way to defeat Roberts right now is to convince moderate or sane conservative senators that he's either evil or mentally ill.
To derail the nomination process, you have to find babysitters that Roberts has pawed, former boyfriends who still love him, or other Nancy Grace fodder. (Come to think of it, is there some way to imply that ROBERTS is the one who abducted Natalie Holloway????)

Speaking of “mentally ill,”  re-read the last 2 paragraphs!

Well, enough of this.  HATE is a bad thing; unless, of course, you’re the infamous and ubiquitous “Chip” of  hatemongersquarterly.blogspot.com
Have a good day will ya.

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