"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Monday, September 12, 2005


TECHNOLOGY is basically amoral; it’s neither good nor bad in and of itself.  How it is used, for good or for evil, presents the dilemma for modern man.

And then there is the church and modern technology.  I’ll admit to struggling with a kettle-full of ambivalence.  (Ambivalence is best described by the scenario where your despised mother-in-law accidentally drives your new and beloved Lexus over the cliff.)

The Barna Update: A bi-weekly e-mail from George Barna
Churches have jumped on the technology bandwagon in a pretty big way during the first five years of the third millennium. In this week’s report we explore how many Protestant churches are using ministry tools such as a church website, a large-screen projection system, e-mail blasts to congregants, a satellite dish for receiving broadcasts, and electronic funds transfer for donations. We also examined how many churches provide pew Bibles and use live drama presentations and video presentations in their services. Want to know how things are changing? Check out this week’s free Barna Update by clicking on this link below or by going to The Barna Group’s home page at www.barna.org
I go to a technologically modern church but I’m not always thrilled about it.  I’ve decided I could do without the background scenes.  I’d rather read the Scripture out of The Book than see it cast upon the screen.  Pastoral notes are nice but I wonder if they don’t distract from what the Word is saying.  
I like the praise music but I’ve grown a greater appreciation for the old hymns; drama groups are okay in moderation and over amplification of anything should be added to the list of original sins.  Simple yet profound preaching with true prayer and worship would suit me just fine.  
My pastor/friend suggest my approach would lead to a mighty small church.
Ya know, he could be very right but I’m not sure it would matter to me.
Give me less technology and more WORD!  JB

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