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Friday, September 16, 2005

The First Rule of Holes

A wonderful paragraph from Ed Morrisey in his post critiquing the Judiciary Committee during the John Roberts hearing.

"And then, just when one would suspect that the Democrats might have remembered the First Rule Of Holes -- when you find yourself in one, stop digging -- the entire panel demanded a third round of questioning to continue the debacle. Overjoyed, Karl Rove must have sacrificed yet another goat to the political gods. All the Republicans had to do was to relax, sit back, be boring, and let the Democrats continue to bury themselves in their own animosity, and they proved themselves masters at all four tasks. (That, by the way, isn't a compliment.)

In the Democratic senator's behalf; after reading the Daily Kos and the Democratic Underground; it appears that most progressives want the Senators to commit Hari Kari if necessary to stop George Bush from having his nominee appointed. Reality (the nomination of John Roberts cannot be stopped other than by an act of God) plays no part in the Democrat's extreme base.

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