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Monday, September 26, 2005

"The Cone of Silence"

One of the running gags on GET SMART starring the late Don Adams was “the cone of silence.”  The cone was a clear, plexiglass contraption that theoretically lowered from the ceiling providing a cover over any 2 individuals talking face to face.  Usually it was Maxwell Smart calling for the cone to be used when having conversations with “The Chief” played wonderfully well by the late Edward Platt.  The Cone NEVER WORKED.  It got stuck, it dropped, it knocked hats off, turned heads and reduced conversations to bellows as the 2 protagonist attempted to communicate with each other.  Anytime Maxwell called for “the cone of silence” you knew you were about to experience a thoroughly enjoyable minute of comedy gold.

Now, in real time,  the late Don Adams has entered the true “cone of silence.”  We here on planet Earth will not hear from him again.  We’re not at all sure what lies behind the door of death; the reality is – nobody comes back to tell us.  Oh yes there have always been frauds and charlatans claiming to know what goes on inside “the cone of silence” but they don’t.  We too, just like Don Adams, are headed for “the cone of silence.”  Once we enter the cone we will never again communicate love to our families, appreciation to those who have been kind and merciful to us, or wisdom to those who would seek it.  

If you’re reading this post you have not yet entered “the cone of silence.”  You still have time to express love, appreciation, support and empathy to those around you.

We fantasize that the “grim reaper” dogs our footsteps but what really awaits us is the cone of silence.  Don Adams won’t be calling us on his shoe phone.  He won’t be writing notes in secret code and he’ll never be a blogger.  He’s entered into the silent world.  We’ll enter it too.   It is not too late to tell friends and family that you love them.  I’m as guilty as anybody else for being less than communicative about my love for family and friends.  I can change; so can you.  JB

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