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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Why did the Muslim terrorists bomb the London subways? Because they could!

Dicing With Death
What is it about Islamic violence that people don't get? It's not like the followers of Allah haven't proved their blood lust in slaughtering innocents before 7/7. They murdered hundreds of school children in Beslan, and killed 25, Shia apostates, children each one, in Iraq today. But tonight, the BBC is still not sure whether four British lads had the will, and the inclination, to murder their fellow citizens on London's transport system. They're still clinging to hope that the bombers may have been duped into delivering their bombs.

This response has echoes to the American reaction to 9/11 when many Yanks asked "Why do they hate us so much?" That question now looks as silly as it was then. They hate Americans because Americans resist them. If they don't hate you, grow your beard and buy a pair of sandles, because you've already lost the war.

Also, Miller notes that even after Muslim terrorists bombed London's transit system, the BBC can't quite bring itself to calling them terrorists. Miller and his clever readers have some alternate euphemisms. My favorite is "mobile self-demolition specialists.".
[Suicide Bombers]

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