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Friday, July 08, 2005

Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy theory has been and always will be a popular pastime. The problem with conspiracies in general has to do with their nature. A successful conspiracy requires that people lie with integrity. And therein lies the problem. Integrity without integrity just doesn't work. Conspiracy is all about maintaining a lie; people without character can never be successful because they lack integrity. Yes they can, and they do lie; but when the "heat is on" they are going to revert to form and cast blame on others, avoiding any responsibility for their own nefarious actions. Liars will lie; continually. It will always be like rats deserting a sinking ship.

Anyhow, "dailykos.com" is a very popular, very liberal website. But even "Kos" had enough today with the far left deciding the London bombing was a Bush/Rove - Blair plot to retain political power. I think you'll find this interesting.

The conspiracists

by kos
Fri Jul 8th, 2005 at 08:48:56 PDT

Today I did something I've never done before (not even during the Fraudster mess), and wish I'd never had to do.

I made a mass banning of people perpetuating a series of bizarre, off-the-wall, unsupported and frankly embarassing conspiracy theories.

I have a high tolerance level for material I deem appropriate for this site, but one thing I REFUSE to allow is bullsh*t conspiracy theories. You know the ones -- Bush and Blair conspired to bomb London in order to take the heat off their respective political problems. I can't imagine what f**ing world these people live in, but it sure ain't the Reality Based Community.

So I banned these people, and those that have been recommending diaries like it. And I will continue to do so until the purge is complete, and make no mistake -- this is a purge.

This is a reality-based community. Those who wish to live outside it should find a new home. This isn't it.

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