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Friday, July 15, 2005

I'm drug free - legal and illegal. I tried pot once circa 1971. It was o.k. but I was not inclined to try it a second time. Other drugs scare me. Also, I don't travel in circles where drugs are offered; I'm a lamb among the wolves. But then I'm not a politician. Let the truth be told.

Interesting article about cocaine and the European Union.

Cocaine traces at EU parliament
Cocaine traces have been found at the European Parliament in an inquiry by one of Germany's main broadcasters.
The Sat-1 channel sent reporters to take 46 swabs from toilets and other public areas of the Brussels buildings. Nearly all tested positive for cocaine.

A European Parliament spokeswoman said cocaine abuse was not a problem among staff working at the buildings.

A professor who analysed the samples said the amounts found were too great to have been carried in on clothing.

"It simply reflects the fact that cocaine was brought in there," Professor Fritz Sorgel of the Institute for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Research in Nuremberg (IBMP) told the BBC News website.

"The amount was too high and found in too many spots. It shows it was brought in deliberately."

It seems the findings are in line with findings in other public buildings
Marjory van den Broeke
European Parliament spokeswoman

However, he said the results were not so surprising given the widespread use of cocaine in society at large.

As the buildings are cleaned regularly, it appeared that cocaine had been used recently in the places where the traces were found, Mr Sorgel said.

A total of 41 of the reporters' swabs tested positive for cocaine.

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