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Saturday, July 16, 2005

The Suicide Bombings:
We have embarked upon a new, lethal era. It is the era of the suicide bomber and I don't think it will end very quickly. Unless you haven't been paying attention you already know this; there is great evil in the world.
Suicide bombings are just the latest, but not necessarily the most dangerous, manifestation of the evil. For a variety of reasons, Islam apparently lends itself to the practice. And until the "Moral Majority" of the Muslims ( it there is such a thing) begin to put the hammer down upon the men who encourage and arm other Muslims currently committing this despicable acts, the custom will undoubtedly continue. Mothers, grandmothers, wives, girlfriends, aunts, teachers and others must bring this to a stop.

Here's 1 reality. The USA cannot stop the suicide bombers. While many of us have had the fantasy of just "nuking the whole darn crew" it is NOT going to happen. We cannot possibly kill all the potential suicide bombers. We can't capture and imprison all of the suicide bombers. It is absolutely inevitable that we will be bombed on our own soil. From the terrorists perspective, being the first on-the-ground suicide bomber in the USA would be a great coup. I'm sure there are many muslims who have pictured in their "hall of fame" some of the terrorist who destroyed the Twin Towers. Those people are heros to a lot of Muslims.

We know they're crazy and evil. The sane world also realizes they are without excuse. But then the "sane world" seems small compared to the "insane world" as expressed below.

(Found on the dailyablution)
.... columnist Paul Vallely really kicks things off with an analysis piece (paid link omitted). "Root causes" are of course the Holy Grail of the Indy mindset - and Mr. Vallely has discovered them.

He asks "what turns lads from Leeds into suicide bombers?", noting that, until now, "answers given have been partial and unsatisfactory." Fortunately for students of the terrorist mentality worldwide, Mr. Vallely steps in to fill the knowledge gap.

It seems that, broadly speaking, there are three "root causes," with one being paramount. They are:

Individual psychological factors - which, in the case of the particular terrorists in question, include the desire to "right the wrongs of his past," as well as the wish to "make the world a better place by taking power for the powerless."

Religious factors. It may surprise many of Mr. Vallely's readers that religion is a factor in Islamist terror, but it apparently is. Not the most important one, though - "such dubious religion would not have much purchase" were it not for the primary root cause.

And can you guess what that main cause would be? Well of course you can! It's us. Or, more specifically, the "alienation" we cause. Mr. Vallely explains (emphasis added):

"The real causes [of homegrown terrorism] are more worryingly complex.

"Alienation is a cultural rather than an economic process. It is rooted in racists who indiscriminately call out 'Bin Laden' or 'Taliban' to Asians in the street. It is there in media reports about forced marriages and honour killings. It is there in animal rights protests about halal meat. It is there in the sneers of liberals who mock that legislation outlawing religious hatred would stop Rowan Atkinson telling jokes."

Can't you see? It is there in all of us. We are the ultimate root cause.

Yes indeedy, we are the cause of the suicide bombers evil. All you Caucasian males out there; raise your right hand and repeat after me. "It's all my fault."

Okay men, that's a good start for now. Later on we'll move to self flagelation, tearing our clothes, shaving our heads and sitting in ash heaps cutting ourselves with sharp bits of pottery. But for now it's enough to raise the right arm and say; "It's all my fault."

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