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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I am a proud, founding member of F.O.M.Bi.C. (Fat old men's BIcycle Club). Living here in sunny Florida we're able to ride a good 9 months of the year. Unluckily, the 3 months we don't ride lead to gaining back all the weight we lost while we were making our hot and hard summer rides.

Me, Ron 'n Ed are all in our 50's. We like George Bush; and here's why.

Bush Lays Waste to Gleneagles

So President Bush gets on his bike at the G8 summit in Gleneagles and goes for a ride in the rain, and ends up crashing into a Scottish police officer and tumbling on the pavement: Bush Involved in Bike Crash in Scotland.

He's got the cycling bug. Bad.

Yes, to quote Charles of LittleGreenFootballs, "He's got the cycling bug. Bad."

Now G.W. is into mountain biking. Trails, rough paths, hills, brush and SCRAPES & BRUISES. Frankly F.O.M.Bi.C. is a little tamer. We stick to the roads on our Lance Armstrong type racing bikes (a little less expensive if you know what I mean). With a racing bike, the smallest trace of sand can catapult you into "Road Rash Territory." Road rash is simply not fun. So we elderly types try really hard to remain upright atop our bikes.

Of interest to some bloggers, Charles Johnson of the aforementioned LIttleGreenFootballs is also an avid cyclist. He lives on the Southern California coast somewhere between Santa Monica and Palos Verdes apparently. He regularly posts some of the picture from his rides. They make me green with envy. Southern California has some very nice rides. I used to live there and have ridden along those same sands as Charles. Maybe next time I go visit, I'll rent a bike while I'm out there and try to ride.

Keep those lungs breathing and that heart pumping. Bicycling is wonderful cardiovascular excercise.

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