"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Monday, July 18, 2005


The LIFESTYLE section of today Times Union had it all.

1) The comic strip BLONDIE celebrates it's 75 anniversary. It's originator is long since deceased but his son continues to, at age 65, produce the strip. This is the nice article in LIFESTYLE.

2) "Commercials at the movies? Better get used to it." (Life in the USA is quickly becoming one long commercial. Yeech)

3) A new film, ARISTOCRATS, is so dirty that at least one major chain will not bring it to their theaters. (Good) But the usual crowd cries that AMC's decision to not carry the filth is a blow against free speech. (Bad) The movie is apparently a series of very dirty, gross, foul jokes told by some of the comedians you know and love(d). How does this translate into a movie? Sigh

4) Last but not least LIFESTYLE has an article entitled "A richly American sound created by gay composers." According to this article the composer's gayness may well have contributed to this music providing "working class idealism and traditional family values."
Sure; we're all happy now.

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