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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Trip Update

Well I made it to Sacramento without incident. HOWEVER it didn't all go as planned/hope. I did manage to upgrade to a better spot on the trip from Florida to Dallas. I made ABSOLUTELY SURE that I was the very first in line at the ticket counter (they said "bulkhead seats assigned at the gate") and first in line at the gate. I though "ah Hah!" Much to my surprise 7 D was taken. I was trying to figure out, how can it be taken when I'm the first in line and you CANNOT get yourself a bulkhead seat when you get your tickets/boarding pass online.
Well, the young man who occupied 7 D suffered from spasticity and his mother and father occupied 7 E and 7 F. Okay, that was fine. They gave me 7 B - which was an aisle seat on the bulkhead. Not as much leg room as 7 D but pretty darn good. Anyhow I asked the gate agent for a bulkhead seat from Dallas to Sacramento. She said I'd have to wait til I got to Dallas but she did APPEAR to give me an exit seat. In Dallas I asked for a bulkhead seat but they were all gone. Then I got to noticing my boarding pass for the exit row. It was for Phil Jones, not James Brown. They gave me the wrong boarding pass. Turns out there was, on the flight from Dallas to Sac. a Phil Jones sitting in the exit row in the seat I thought they had given me. DERN! I was ticked but what can you do. Too late to get another seat on the exit row I had to settle for 13 D. Bad seat of course but I can put up with just about anything for 3 hours. So here I am. Safe but ticked. sigh

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