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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Ambivalence and basketball

AMBIVALENCE defined: When your mother-in-law drives your new Lexus over the cliff.
AMBIVALENCE defined: Univ. of Florida wins the big dance - handily.
Here's my problem. I've spent my life rooting for the UCLA Bruins in basketball. Living in SoCal, I saw ALL of their championship victories. I have "Johnny Wooden" tattoed on my butt cheeks. Sure it's old and fading but I'm proud of it; except when I have to "drop trou." So I'm an old UCLA guy.
HOWEVER my money and my very favoritest daughter in the whole world go to U.F. How can I not cheer on the Alma Mater of my "B-K broiler?" Answer me that.

Anyhow, Hail Gators. They should be most excellent next year.
And Hail Bruins. How they actually got to the finals is beyond me. They do NOT have the talent of old just yet. UF has 2 future pros. UCLA might have 1 (Farmar) but I'm not sure about that. Oh Well. Wait 'til next year.

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