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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Further Futility

Jonah Goldberg wrote in NationalReview.Com

"Consider how the respected television analyst Andrew Tyndall defines the job of news anchor. The job has two parts, he told the Washington Post. First, they have to read the TelePrompTer. The second part involves 'sitting behind the desk when there's a crisis.'

One can be as charitable as possible, conceding that reading a TelePrompTer convincingly in front of millions of people is not a skill all of us have, and it's still difficult to find what most of us would describe as journalistic substance there. And if CBS pays Couric the $15-million-a-year salary that's been reported, she will be compensated to the tune of roughly $60,000 per half-hour of on-camera work."

Ya Know, I believe I'd like to be the News Anchor for CBS. I concede that Katie Couric has much better legs than me.

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