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Friday, April 21, 2006

Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys

The Bird Flu vs. The Surrender Virus by Tammy Bruce


Human Bird Flu does not exist yet, and may never even happen.

The Surrender Virus does exist but luckily tends to stay within the borders of France.

Bird Flu, if it existed, would make you feel, well, like you have the flu. Then you'd get over it.

The Surrender Virus not only makes you feel like a loser, it actually transforms you into one. This is one of the more frightening aspects of SV, one for which there is no cure. Once a Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey, always a Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey.

The Bird Flu infects chickens, as well as other birds.

The Surrender Virus reveals your Inner Chicken, or more specifically your "Poulet Intérieur."

There is a vaccine for birds to fight the Bird Flu. If it ever morphs into a human strain, we'd get a vaccine, too.

There is no vaccine for the Surrender Virus. It just keeps coming back and back and back, just like that pizza you had last night.

The "rabbi" here. How can you not love this?

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