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Monday, April 03, 2006

Problems in the Evangelical Church

A very good friend of mine responded to a reference to the feminization of our churches. Here's his key paragraph. I wish I had written it.

"What I see as keeping people away or driving them away from the church is not the feminized music, but the simple lack of doctrinal content both in music and preaching. Example from our own church: music is generally 7-11 type choruses with few good doctrinal hymns; most of service is taken up with announcements, mission trip reports, urgings for evangelism, and testimonies from those who have done all of the above. Sermon ends up 20 minutes or less, more jokes and illustrations than biblical content. No wonder people might not want to continue attending (and yet this is one of the largest SBC churches in the area!). I don’t see this as much as a success formula as a stagnation formula, i.e. keeping immature Christians on the level of spiritual babies, failing to educate them doctrinally and biblically (which, if done, would likely solve the remaining problems that continually seem to be harped on: missions, evangelism, tithing, etc.)."

I think he's on to something

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