"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

STRESS is a killer

STRESS is a killer.  I’m doing 3 different things in my profession these days and it is hard to keep everything under control; such as simple things like making sure my phone calls are forwarded during the evening/night hours.

I worry about my children, I worry about my parents,  I worry about my church, I worry about how long I can go doing all that I currently do.
It makes it difficult to find the time to blog.

I’m still sad over the deaths of my parent-in-laws and that may take some time.  I am constantly reminded of the BREVITY of life.  I actually read the obituaries every day.  You’d be surprised, or maybe not, at how young the list of dead can be on any given day.  My general attitude is; if you made it to 80 you’ve had the full enchilada of life.  If you made it to the 70’s your complaints aren’t too large.  If you made it into the 50’s-60’s you can’t claim you died young.

However, if view of eternity with God; life is but a pencil dot on a vast, white empty wall.

So, “it’s all good.”   God’s in control; the future is assured, I really should worry less.

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