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Monday, January 02, 2006

Methusalah Years?

Aubrey de Grey; from a transcript on Sixty-Minutes.

"The first generation [of anti-aging therapies] will give us maybe 30 extra years of healthy lifespan," says de Grey. "So, beneficiaries of those first therapies will still be around to benefit from improved therapies that will give them another 30 or 50 years and so on. So this is basically staying one step ahead of the problem." ... "What I'm after is not living to 1,000. I'm after letting people avoid death for as long as they want to," he says.

I read in recent times that a lot of scientists believe we are “hard-wired” to not live past 120.  But it might be possible that Frankenstein therapies/surgeries could extend it?  I don’t know.  But would God allow this?  After all, God balked at the “Tower of Babel.”  How much ethical-less human engineering will He allow?  Life continues to get interesting.  The promises of medicine is always more than the delivery.

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