"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hatemongers Quarterly continues to be one of my "must reads" every morning. Not sure who these people are other than "Chip" but they truly take some rich "shots" at the faux intellectualism found in academia. Plus, they once posted a letter of mine. You can't beat that with a stick.

Today they tackled a gender studies journal article on Marvel Comics superheroes.

In said issue, one Tim Nelson offers his masterful discussion of Marvel comic books and issues of masculinity. It’s clever title speaks volumes about the high quality of the piece: “Even an Android Can Cry.” Just in case readers are wary of this insightful contribution to Western culture, the beginning of the article contains a list of “keywords,” which are the focus of the article: “Marvel Comics; superheroes; Vision; bodybuilding; masculinity; America.”

For those of you reading Marvel Comics, ( and you know who you are) there's rich insights to be had. JB

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