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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Found on everydaymusings.blogspot.com - by Rebecca

Seppling Issues

The spelling issues I can deal with, the sender names is what gets me.

I got spam--and I am not making this up--that came from "Jocular Menstruation."

I pity the entire Menstruation family for their surname, particurly young Jocular. He/she must have a pretty hard time with life. Given the nature of that name, I suspect the number of responses to her/his spam is quite low.

I keep getting spam that has the subject line of "Tibeerious Erectus." Guess they're going for the Latin e-mailers.

Rebecca, have you been to spamusement.com? A guy actually draws cartoons inspired by actual spam lines. Some of them are hysterical.

I think a lot of spam comes from princes or son's of cabinet officials in Africa and English isn't there first language. I still waiting for all that money to be sent to my bank account.

congartulationes! Yuve jest one an diktionarie!

JB here, you just gotta love the spammers - when you're not hating them. Good Thursday to you all!

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