"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Can you spell TOAST!

So what course will Michael Schiavo's life take in the coming years?

1. Will he will be remembered as a hero of the U.N. acclaimed Euthanasia revolution?

2. Will he will get to sit in President Carter's box at the next Democratic Convention?

3. Will he will be the keynote speaker at Peter Jenning's retirement?

4. Will he win the Nobel prize for courage?

5. Will CBS ask for his opinion whenever the issue of "death with dignity" comes up?

6. Will San Francisco and Boston give him the keys to their cities?

7. Will the University of Colorado tenure him as their professor of ethics?

Hmm. The more I write the more depressing it becomes because all of the above would appear to be possible in light of recent revelations and actions in the past couple of years.

And yet, and yet, maybe not. Perhaps it's one of those things where friends of Michael's slap him on the back and remark how evil President Bush and his brother Jeb are - but they forget to invite Michael to the Thanksgiving feast.
Perhaps everybody around Michael has a hearty greeting when they come face to face but the "hearty" part is as thin as a razor blade and next time they take a different path hoping they don't have to come across him.
Maybe his soon-to-be-wife tells him how brave he was on a daily basis but at night is afraid to go to sleep worrying what he would do if some unfortunate accident befell her.
Yes he gets invited to partys but they're hosted by either O.J. or Michael Jackson. Scott Peterson wants to be his pen-pal.

If he has any social sensibility, he becomes increasingly paranoid wondering what they're saying behind his back; and with good reason.

Though he bathes and scrubs on a daily basis, the stink of death is always upon him. Like Lady MacBeth, he can't quite get the blood spots off his hands.

His "supporters" quit supporting him once they've beaten those who believe in sanctity of life. His "friends" turn out to be less than that.

For what will Michael Schiavo be remembered? JB

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