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Tuesday, November 20, 2012


November 20th, 2012

Hi Quinn, you'll not be reading this for a few years but I just want to tell you something.  I was upstairs crying when they were struggling to bring you into the world on November 19, 2012.  It was touch and go there for a couple of hours and I was pretty scared.  But you had good doctors, nurses and a loving God who was determined you were going to make it; and make it you did.

Today is the second day of your life; they're weaning you off the oxygen and your Mom is starting to feel a little better  prepared to take you home in the next couple of days.  Besides your Mom and Dad, you've got Grandpa and Grandma Wolfer and Grandma Brown up there with you.  You don't know it but you have a ton of family who has been praying for you for the last few months but particularly in the last few hours.  You are most fortunate Quinn, not everybody comes into this world with all the love and prayers you have been bathed with.

Quinn, I've waited along time to be a grandfather and you have made it come true.  You'll be my favorite oldest granddaughter for ever.  I've got your name on my heart and that won't change.
I think you're going to like life.young lady and you're definitely going to flourish and prosper;  All the Wolfer/Brown grandchildren do ( a little humor; you are, so far, the only Wolfer/Brown grandchild).

I hope to come see you in a couple of months; take lots of pictures and hold serious talks about your future.  I'll take the pictures of course, you can do some of the talking.  It'll be great.  I'll show you how to hold my finger in your little fist.  What fun that will be.  And if you're lucky I'll play the "So-do-we" game where I bounce you up and down on my lap then pretend to let you slip to the floor.  I loved that game when I was your age and I'm going to teach you how to play it.  (Don't worry, I'll do all the hard work, you just squeal with laughter.)

I promise to continue to pray for you Quinn as long as I have breath - which might be a very, very long time. You never know.  I might not get to see you too much in person but we're gonna SKYPE like crazy; yes siree.  I'll do my part while you thoroughly enjoy being Quinn in a loving family, that's your part.

Well bye for now Quinn; I'll see you in a couple of months, "The Lord willing and the creek don't rise."

I love you Quinnie - Grandpa JB
April 13, 2013

Well Quinn, instead of me coming up to Medicine Hat to see you, we decided to fly you and your Mom down to Florida to see  all us.   Instead of only getting to you see you 3 or 4 days, I'm getting to see you 2 weeks plus.  It has been so much fun holding you, playing with you and talking with you.  You've held my fingers, we've played "So-DO-We" and I have played  " This Little Piggy" with your toes.  It's been all fun and you have enjoyed yourself immensely.

This is my favorite picture of us ( and we've taken a ton of pictures ).

You've just finished your bath and your Mom has handed you to me to hold and dry while she cleans up.   It's so much fun.

August 2013 -
Your Dad, Grandma Wolfer and other family members took a trip to Europe so you and your Mom came down to spend a month with us.  You were 9 months old and we had a wonderful time.  We took a lot of pictures and one day we went to the beach.  This is my favorite Grandpa/Quinnie picture.

Grandpa's are born to take their Granddaughters to the beach.  It was so much fun and I love this picture of you and me.

Nov. 1, 2014 - Hi Quinn, you're almost two and you have been staying in Jacksonville with "Gaga" and "Papa" for the last 20 days.  You came down with your Dad and Mom.  Dad had to return after a few days but you and your Mom have been here enjoying your grandparents and the city.  Actually, the joy is all ours.  As Uncle Tom said on one of his Facebook posts, while you were a handful you were still "adorbs."  I agree with his assessment.
You talk wonderfully, you run all over the place.  You're still putting random things in your mouth if we don't watch you like a hawk but you bring smiles to our faces every single day.  You've gone to the Zoo, you've gone to the beach seveeral times.  You got your first haircut AND you went Trick or Treating on Halloween dressed in your tiger outfit.  You were cute.  Sadly for Gaga and Papa, you'll be going back home in two days.  We are going to SOOOOoo miss you.  I'm just glad we can see you and talk to you on SKYPE everyday.  So we still get to see you growing up.
Me 'n Gaga love you to pieces Quinn.  We love watching you grow up.    Papa


Rebekah said...

Stumbled on your blog and just thought I'd let you know, I thought this letter was beautiful. Made me cry! (But as a new mom myself I'm pretty emotional about these things)

Your granddaughter I'm sure will appreciate the letter when she is older.

Thanks for sharing!

rabbi-philosopher said...

Thanks Rebecca; enjoy motherhood. It lasts for ever but goes so quickly.