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Sunday, November 11, 2012

DAVID PETRAEUS; his adultery goes public

1) I do hope Mrs. Petraeus has wonderful friends, a good support system and a strong faith.  How would it be to wake up one day and find your marital issues spread all over the nations news?  I have no idea what she is like but I'm thinking she's not too happy and truly caught on the proverbial Horns of a Dilemma.  She and David have been married many years, have a lifetime of memories and now it's all up for grabs.  What should she do, which way should she go.

My rabbinical counsel to Mrs. P;  DON'T MAKE ANY MAJOR DECISIONS THIS YEAR.

Either she can live with the adultery or she can't; but it simply takes time to sort it out and you cannot really rush the process.  Take your time Mrs. P.  Don't let anybody rush you into a life changing decision.

2) David, I hope you are actually a good guy.  Your sins are acknowledged, you've already done the "wrong thing," now it's time to do the next "right thing."  If you're actually a "good guy," you will.

Two famous people who have actually set good examples after their betrayals of their spouse are Chris Evert and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Chris left her husband of 18 years, Andy Mills, for the Australian golfer Greg Norman, and within 18 months rapidly found out it was a mistake.  She later said her husband, Andy, did not deserve this.  And then she fell apart.

Arnold's background is one of extensive promiscuity.  High profile marriage, had at least one, if not more affairs, and when this one went public, his wife Maria Shriver divorced him.  He has said publically and privately "He screwed up."  After a separation, Maria has divorced him though he indicates he'd like to get back with her.

My rabbinical counsel to Gen. P:  DO EVERYTHING WITHIN YOUR POWER TO SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE.  You're gonna have to be patient but you can rebuild if she'll let you.

Finally Gen. P.  There is a great and forgiving God; I'd encourage you to seek after Him with all your heart.  He is the one who takes lemons and makes lemonade. He'll be your anchor thru the storm if you'll let Him.


Neuroskeptic said...

He defeated an army... but he couldn't defeat his own lust.

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