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Monday, November 12, 2012


As I mentioned in a previous post, I tend to be a little wacko about living efficiently.  Today was no exception.

I'm getting ready to turn into a gas station to fill up when a lady driving a similar sized vehicle pulls in first (she broke no laws doing so, she just didn't let me go first).  Well I'm irritated and I mutter to myself, "Lady you might have pulled in first but I'm betting you'll pull out last because I am deadly efficient when it comes to pumping gas.

Even as I'm pulling up to my pump and braking, I'm reaching down to pull on the little gas lever lid release then immediately grabbing my wallet out of the door pocket all in one continuous movement.  I turn off the engine but leave the keys in the ignition so I won't have to search my pockets for the keys when I'm ready to drive off.  Even as I step out of the car, I'm opening my wallet for the I.D. card allowing the  I.D. reader to search it and give me the green light.  While waiting for the green okay, I'm grabbing the credit card with my other hand, flipping it to the right position to push and pull it out of the credit card reader once I get the okay.  Still holding the wallet open, I stick both cards back into their proper places while waiting to hit the "credit" versus "debit" button when it appears.  At the first sign of my zip code address request, I'm typing away with one hand while reaching behind me with the other to unscrew the gas lid.  It's all going like clockwork.

The gas pump computer whirs for a few second then tells me to grab the gas pump gun and chose the octane.  In a flash I've got the gun in the tank, push the 87 octane button and begin pumping away.  Somewhere around the 40 dollars mark, I'm done.  Rapidly I return the gun to the pump, spins the gas cap into place (making sure I hear those little clicks), slam the little gas lid close, step into the car while simultaneously slipping the wallet back into the door.  Put on the seat-belt, start the ignition and begin driving out.

Ah HAH!  The lady is STILL in the process of pumping gas while I'm driving away.  OBVIOUSLY an inefficient gas pumper.

I guess I showed her.  EFFICIENCY RULES!

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Severe Autism said...

I had a similar confrontation but with a man, who then after cutting me off and giving me a sneer ended up needing my help with the card reader. I guess he was new to pay at the pump and was unsure. Yes I helped him, that is what I do, but like to think that next time he maybe won't cut off the next person.