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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Oscars? Who Cares

Apparently it’s time for the Oscars.  This is Hollywood’s night to slap a glove in the face of the devout; they’ll not miss that chance.  Evan Coyne Mahoney gives his take.

Brokeback Mountain will win the Oscar for Best Picture. I think that a number of Hollywood insiders see a vote for Brokeback as a vote against red-state America. Hollywood seems to view middle America as populated by homophobic bigots — especially those evil red-state Republicans — and after years of electoral disappointment at the ballot box, the Academy Awards are pretty much the only elections where the votes of the Hollywood elite still have any impact. So, they'll cast their votes for Brokeback, thinking that it is the cultural equivalent of flipping the bird to middle America. And middle America, which Hollywood doesn't seem to understand, will respond with a muffled yawn.

I might or might not be yawning but I won’t be watching.  Who does watch the Oscars?  With any luck Gilligan’s Island and any sitcom starring Tim Conway will be available.

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