"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I think tonight on HBO  “BIG LOVE”  (bringing polygamy to the television masses) has its first broadcast.    Below is an excerpt of analysis.

Daphne Merkin picks up on the same "why would anyone want to be straight?" tendency in Big Love, HBO's new polygamy dramedy:
For me, the really disturbing aspect of the series is not that it soft-pedals the lifestyle's darker sides—its reliance on a constant supply of young women, its tolerance of incest and pedophilia under cover of God's law, its exiling of younger men who might compete with the older males of the community for wives. It's that the show's creators—who happen to be a gay couple—have written a series that wears its values on its sleeve, albeit unwittingly, and those values are, in a word, heterophobic.
Heterophobia huh?  For those who think the issue of gay marriage would not be the start of the proverbial slippery slope to further insanity (such as polygamy), you have your answer.  Homosexual marriage open the door to every perversion possible.  Homosexual marriages DO bring into play the slippery slope.

A 60’s mantra;  If it feels good, why not.  (Envision the culture on ski’s headed down the slippery slope about to go rocketing over the edge into the unknown abys.)

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