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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lloy Ball wins Gold

Sadly, we don't see men's volleyball in my part of the world but I love competitive volleyball. Turns out the USA has a setter, 36 year old Lloy Ball who led our team to its first gold medal in 20 years. The thing that blows my mind is: a setter is 6'8". You always think of setters as kinda short guys. But even the setters are tall.
Our victory against a huge Russian team was historic. Their blockers were taller than our hitters. We had 2 "short" spikers; Priddy and Salmon, both about 6'5". But they were fast to the ball and their speed enabled them to make a good percentage of their spikes.

Then we beat the Brazilians but that battle has not yet been posted on nbcolympics.com. I look forward to seeing it.

Congrats to Lloy who has apparently taken considerable heat in the past for our losses, deserved or not. He got his and in doing so the USA got ours.

Way to go Lloy. May your tribe increase.

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