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Friday, August 08, 2008


The National Enquirer has certainly nailed some of it. John Edwards DID have an affair with Rielle Hunter. He says the baby isn't his but says there's been no paternity test. (There may actually have been a paternity test for all we know.) He says he never loved her (Rielle). He says he told wife about it in 2006 but when Bob Schieffer reported talking on the phone with Elizabeth Edwards this evening, Schieffer said she seemed to be very upset. Old news generally doesn't make one that upset.

Here's the deal; John Edwards is in the incomplete repentance stage. As Jim Rome ( L.A. sports talk jock ) would put it, Edwards "needs to come correct."

But that's hard to do; seems to me the truth comes out incrementally.

Reading the blogs; defenders of John Edwards are all over John McCain for his divorce from his wife - THIRTY YEARS AGO. I read that McCain has long since taken responsibility for his divorce but who knows. I think the 30 year gap is going to make the "moral equivalence" a little hard to pull off.

My advice to John Edwards - if he wants to stop the bleeding.

Send out a press notice admitting:
" The baby is mine."
" I screwed up beyond belief."
" I'll support the child in all ways."
" I'm praying my wife won't divorce me."
" I'm thru with being in the public eye for the foreseeable future."


Jim Rome is right of course; you got to "come correct."

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