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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Internet; Life-long shame opportunity?

Saw this post regarding some cheerleader (maybe or maybe not) who let it all hang out apparently. No, I didn't look.

"Ladies, here's a tip: someday, you might want to get married to a guy you really love. This guy may surf the internet tubes, and may run across that embarassing little video you did a few years ago when you still did "that kind of stuff". (Or your new guy's friends might help him out and just mail him the link or give him the DVD. 'Cause that's what friends do -- crush each other's hopes and dreams, and then laugh about it.) Your beau may not like the fact that his fiancee was famous for dancing naked and drunk on a balcony while a group of guys groped her. I'm just saying. It's not the kind of thing that promotes the trust and matrimonial bond that makes for a long and happy marriage.

Everybody has a history; you don't get to be an adult without having made one or two (or a hundred) dumb mistakes on your way up. But for sanity's sake don't film it. The internet has a long, long memory, and those youthful indiscretions can and will cause you misery later in life. (Plus any doctor can tell you that genital warts, herpes, and chlamydia are more than just annoyances, and AIDS will simply effing kill you.)

Fair? No. But (ahem): Life Is Not Fair.
Posted by Monty at January 4, 2007 05:40 PM

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