"HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?" Francis Schaeffer

Friday, February 17, 2006

The last year?

Spoke with my sister this evening about my Dad.  They saw an oncologist – finally – and he spoke pretty cautiously.  They’re not going to do any treatment other than the hormones.  Mom and Dad both know he is going to die sometime in the  near future.  Dad is, at this point, pretty cheerful.  They’ve given him some more powerful pain meds; the meds will continue changing until he reaches Morphine.  I guess that is the final medicine.  It is hard to believe that one year ago he was taking his next to last college class for his second bachelor’s degree.  He earned his first B.A. when he was 70.  There has been a huge turn-around.

I checked out Orbitz this evening.  A round trip to Sacramento is about $270 on A.A.  I wasn’t planning to go for 90 days but my Sis doesn’t think I should put off the trips too long so now I’m looking at 60 days.  I’m self employed and the expense of a trip is not the airfare, it’s the days that I don’t work.  When you’re self employed this adage applies:  No workee no eatee!

Life does move on in its inexorable march towards cessation.  Dad will be 83 April 8th.

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