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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The God-Man

An interesting “discussion”  HERE on Corretta Scott King’s funeral.  As many of you know both Joseph Lowery and Jimmy Carter took “shots” at GWB who was in attendance.  There is a hue and cry over the appropriateness or inappropriateness of using Ms. King’s funeral for political gain.  On the one hand nay sayers suggests it is pretty tacky to use the occasion of a funeral to score political points.  The other side says Corretta Scott King was all about liberal Democratic politics.

Here’s the truth.  The very moment Corretta Scott King assumed room temperature she realized that politics in life didn’t mean “jack” in the afterlife.  No bonus points in the afterlife for being either a lib. or a conservative.
Only one thing matters and that was your relationship or non-relationship with the God-man, Jesus Christ.

Were you a senator in life? Doesn’t matter.
Were you a successful CEO of a large company?  Doesn’t matter.
Were you a Boy Scout leader?  Doesn’t matter.
Did you write legislation that made innumerable people’s lives better? Doesn’t matter.
Did you pastor the world’s largest church?  Doesn’t matter.
Did you serve time in prison?  Doesn’t matter.
Did you have a drinking problem?  Doesn’t matter.
Were you an NFL team owner?  Doesn’t matter.
Were you a famous movie star or starlet?  Doesn’t matter.

So anybody who says Corretta Scott King woulda agreed with politics at her funeral doesn’t understand about the afterlife.  The “things” we do here are not important there.  Only one thing counts; our relationship to the God-man, Jesus Christ.

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