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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Meeting a cellist

My wife and I frequently attend our local symphony that is highly regarded among mid sized American cities.  Our first cellist is a young Russian of some world renown. Though I rarely sit in the front section, the way the orchestra is laid out, everybody can see the concertmaster (primo violinist) and also the first cellist who is always to the immediate right of the conductor as you look towards the stage.  Since the musicians are elevated on the stage it can be a little hard to assess their actual size. Our cellist is notable for very short hair and a cherubic look.
So I'm in this organic grocery store eating a sandwich when this young man walks to a table with his sandwich.  He's mid-sized, a cherubic face and has a short haircut.  However he's wearing knee length basketball shorts and a Tee shirt with sandals; pretty casually attired.   I keep looking, he reminds me our our symphony's cellist.  Hmm - Finally I work up the nerve walk over to catch his attention and ask him if he plays the cello.  He looks puzzled then responds, "Yes I do."   I tell him I have enjoyed his work in the symphony and he seems pleased.  I ask him how often he is recognized and he states, "all most never."
We have a brief discussion as to whether or not the concertmaster is more often recognized, Alexei responds; "of course, he's the boss."  But in the classical music world, it's possible Alexei is more famous.  He is superb.  It was fun chatting with him; seemed like a nice young man.

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