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Thursday, June 14, 2007

2007 Mustang GT

My son drove up last night in his brand-new, jet-black, Mustang GT - the classic "throaty purr" indicating the presence of 8 honkin' cyclinders creating 300 horses at 6000 rpm. Oh, it's nice.

He didn't listen to his old Dad. I said, light colors last longer and 6 cylinders will be all the horsepower you'll need.

I was WRONG. I'm glad he got the real thing. At this stage he can afford the gas (he's single) and every guy should have a hot car at least once in his life. It's good to be young when you're young. He bought like a 27 year old, not like a 57 year old and that's good.

Enjoy it Tom. You made the right choice.

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