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Thursday, May 11, 2006

I drive a 17 year old Maxima

I drive a 17 year old Maxima.  I’ve owned it about 6 years and it had a grand total of 20,000 miles on it when I bought it from a lady in my church.  She was the original owner and simply never went anywhere.  I’ve put 100,000 miles on the car so for a modern car the mileage is still tolerable.  I’ve had repairs done but nothing humongously  expensive to this point.

3 days ago I put the drivers window down and it then refused to come up.  Now with most modern cars, windows that won’t roll up are quite common and often expensive to fix – somewhere in the $300 range for 1 window.  I can live with a window that is down (none of my other windows work anymore by the way) but not during the summer when it rains almost every day in Florida.  

I went by my mechanic’s house who’s handled our cars for about 20 years to find out that he had taken a bad fall while cutting a limb off a tree in his back yard.  He broke his femur, his back and had a bad break of his wrist.  He’s currently in a rehab facility.  He won’t be doing any mechanicing for awhile.  DANG

Somebody suggested I see if I can’t just pull the window up and prop it closed.  Well what the “hey.”  So today I managed to get the inside of the door removed but could not for the life of me budge the window though I didn’t see anything holding it in place.  With the interior door stuff removed but still plugged in I decided I’d try the power window device again.  VOILA, with a little tugging on my part it had enough power to raise the window.  At this point I unplugged the power system (so I won’t accidently forget and lower the window) and my car is once more good to go without being a) broken into or b) rained upon.    Mechanics R Us.  

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